Energy Savings In Motion

Ever walk into a dark room with your arms full?

Did you use your nose or your elbow to turn on the light?

Did you know there is an easier way?

A strategically placed motion-sensing switch will turn itself on when you enter the room and can be programed to go off after a few seconds or minutes.  Imagine one in your pantry or entryway where you come into the house with bags of groceries.  Picture one in your laundry room where you always go in and out carrying a load of clothes.  Or maybe you have a room in your house where someone always forgets to turn off the light when they leave.

Motion-sensing switches go beyond convenience. They are also energy efficient.  When you leave the room, the lights go off.  Even if you are just leaving for a few minutes, this translates into energy savings.  Studies show this could save up to 10% of energy consumed by unused lighting.

So, if you have a room where your arms are always full or the lights are always on, give us a call for an estimate.

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