We Need More Power

Feeling a little sluggish? Coffee not helping? Maybe you need to upgrade your electrical service. Your electrical service serves as the link between the public utility company and the power in your home.

Imagine your electrical service as a water pipe coming to your home and all your outlets and lights as faucets. If you opened all the faucets and the main pipe wasn’t big enough, you would have a little dribble of water at each faucet, instead of a full flow. By increasing the size of pipe coming, you allow more flow at each faucet.

With water, its easier to see when you’re not getting enough flow – water pressure is slow or uneven. With electricity, a weak flow may not be so obvious. Do your breakers often trip? Can you run your hair dryer while someone else is using that bath fan? Is your electrical panel full of breakers with no room for expansion? These may be signs that your electrical service is not supplying your household’s electrical needs.

Your service needs to be sized according to how many receptacles, lights and other electrical equipment that will or could be used at any time. An experienced electrician can help you determine if your electrical service needs to be upgraded.

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